Sequoia sempervirens
     Commonly known as California redwood, the species sempervirens produces the tallest and oldest trees on Earth.  Known to live over 2,000 years, California redwoods contain organic compounds that make the wood naturally resistent to insects, fungus and rot.
     However, not every part of a California redwood is imbued with the same concentration of these natural organic compounds.  Unfortunately, the majority of "redwood" sold at lumberyards contains a mixture of white outer sapwood that can begin to rot in less than a decade.    But  Legacy Redwood  uses only 100% true heartwood.  In addition to having the more recognizable color of natural redwood, the heartwood possesses the greatest concentration of the natural organic compounds that provide the beauty and durability for which redwood is best known. 
     Although the original habitat of sempervirens extended more than 2 million acres along the Pacific Coast of the United States, today only a fraction of old-growth forest remains.  Legacy Redwood    is committed to seeing the preservation of these magnificent trees and therefore uses only sustainably produced heartwood and donates 5% of all proceeds to organizations working to save redwood forests.