Custom Milled Lumber
Double-Beam Construction
Individually Finished Pieces

Unlike common dimensional lumber, each piece of all-clear heartwood is custom milled for optimal strength and aesthetics.  Techniques similar to traditional quarter-sawing produce grain patterns with maximum strength and beauty.  

All surfaces are supported by a unique double-beam, nail-free construction that prevents the common "wobble" that afflicts most outdoor furniture after several years.  Two double-beams per support provide unmatched strength and durability.

Specialty Hardware

Wood-Plugged fastening (100% nail free) produces exquisite surface finishes that can be easily maintained with a periodic application of wood polish.  Double-beam supports use custom-coated stainless-steel bolts that can be adjusted as needed.  

Prior to completion, every item is disassembled and each piece of wood is individually finished on all surfaces (not just the visible surfaces) to guarantee perfect unions and provide maximum resistance to outdoor elements.



"Quality is not an act.  It is a habit."